Eucapil Three Months Care

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Eucapil®  other name Fluridil is an original and unique, clinically tested preparation of external use for hair loss treatment and facial hirsutism (excessive growth of hair in women) where the male hormone promotes hair growth (in contradistinction to the scalp).

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Eucapil or another name Fluridil is an original and unique medicine for hair loss treatment and facial excessive growth of hair on women in other words facial hirsutism. Where the male hormone promotes hair growth. Preparation was developed in Interpharma A.S. in Czech republic.

Restore your hair!

Eucapil works through a unique mechanism of hair root protection against the effects of the hormones that cause hair loss in hereditary baldness in other words androgenetic alopecia.

Clinically tested! No side effects!


A 12-month clinical study proved the effectiveness of Eucapil® in most patients. Studies in London shows no side effects. In 4-6 weeks you may start experience reduction of your hair loss. Because of healing process has begun. After that 5-6 months later of daily use, hair diameter increase and subsequent hair. In conclusion you could expect restoration of your hair roots with preserved functionality.


Our customers are happy!

For instance there is picture how regular use of Eucapil affect your hair restoration. Above all of that, it makes you happy aswell. Because we care about your hair!

Hair loss

Fluridil is patented active ingredient of Eucapil developed in the laboratories of Biophysica, Inc. in California. Effective component works only locally on the scalp skin. Its remnants decompose into substances with no side effects.

Simple application!

Application: one ampule per day. Apply to dry scalp. Gently to massage before bedtime. Step by step instruction you can find inside package. In addition we prepared instruction just for you here. In conclusion if you have questions do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Eucapil three months care

Eucapil three months care package provides you two boxes of Eucapil for the best price on market! We deliver worldwide.

Package: 3 x 30 ampules each containing 2 ml.

Composition: 2% solution fluridil in isopropyl alcohol, 2.5% Grape seed oil.

Storage: Store below 25°C. Keep out of direct light.

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